I aspire to be Julia Child – who doesn’t? In a past life, I hope I was a Burgundian vigneron with the voice of Edith Piaf who danced through Le Chambertin to the sounds of Django Reinhardt. In reality, I’m more of Steel Magnolia’s Clairee on my good days and Ouiser Boudreaux on my more ornery ones. I set out for Hollywood after college to become a screenwriter. The stars aligned, dreams came true and I was a working writer at last. Then, fate lent a hand and I found myself blessed with something I never knew my soul always yearned for – a great love. I fell hard for a Hornet pilot in the Marine Corps, which thrust me in a life far from the bright lights of Hollywood. Needless to say, my life as a screenwriter faded into the ether, but my love for writing and insatiable thirst for adventure never did. These days, I’m a sommelier, bon vivant, writer and wife to a Marine who I love too terribly much to throw in the towel. Over our vast travels, I’ve uncovered a passion for regional cuisine and the people and traditions behind them. I’ve come to revel in the art and necessity of seasonal cooking – even more through scarcity (ie: our posting in Northeastern Alberta, Canada.) This blog is a love letter to my husband, our son, our travels and the amazing people and experiences we’ve collected along the way.

So, whenever I need to shake the deployment blues or embrace a new place, I make whatever inspires, passes the time and fills the belly – then wash it all down with extraordinary wine and marvelous friends.

Feel free to contact me at: ambyrdavisgreer@gmail.com